Meet the Elders

Our Elders are the back bone of the church. You may see them on a Sunday undertaking their duties, but behind the scenes a lot goes on! Throughout the week, an Elder is never far from the Church!

Our Elders have a number of ‘functions’, which include…

  • to see that worship is regularly offered and the sacraments duly administered, and generally to promote the welfare of the congregation;
  • to ensure pastoral care of the congregation.
  • to arrange for pulpit supply in a vacancy;
  • to keep the roll of members and lists of names of adherents and children attached to the congregation.
  • to be responsible for the institution and oversight of work among children and young people and of all organisations within the congregation;
  • to call for the election of elders and advise on the number required;
  • to consider the suitability of any applicant for recognition as a candidate for the ministry
  • to recommend to the church meeting arrangements for the proper maintenance of buildings and the general oversight of all financial responsibilities of the local church;
  • to act on behalf of the church meeting and bring concerns to the wider councils of the United Reformed Church

Nick Jones Our Minister

Jim Ford Church Treasurer

Steve Chantler Church Secretary
Dave Lock
Church Elder
Avril Lock
Church Elder
Dave Dixson Church Elder
Frances O'Brien Church Elder
Faith Hardie Church Elder
Sheila Wadhams Church Elder
Jonathan Gregson Church Elder
Marion Boden Church Elder
Ray Craig
Church Elder
Will Boswell Church Elder
Jenny Smith Church Elder

A Prayer

Loving God, guide me now as I seek to find your way for me.
Create in me a renewed dedication to your service.
Set before me the example of Christ Jesus.
Fill me with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
This I pray, trusting in your grace. Amen