Week in the Church 13th October 2019

Monday 10am Ladies Badminton

5.30pm Rainbows

6pm Brownies

7.30pm Guides

Tuesday 9.30am Toddlers+

Wednesday 11am Midweek Communion

12.15pm Souper Lunch

7.30pm Evening Guild: Blind Auction

Thursday 9.45am Little Library

2pm Bible Study

5.45pm Beavers

6.45pm Cubs

7.30pm Games night

7.45pm Mixed Badminton

Friday 10am Over 60s Keep Fit

7pm URC Youth


NOTICES for Week Commencing 13th October 2019

1. Flowers provided by Dr C Westlake-Guy and arranged by Fiona McConnell
2. Warden Duty – 13th October – Dave Dixson
3. Little Library – Every Thursday for children to enjoy story time. 9.45am – 10.30am
4. Serenades on Sunday (20th October) 3pm
5. Pastoral Care Meeting Tuesday 29th October 7.30pm for all Elders and members who are pastoral care visitors, in the coffee lounge
6. Coffee rota: We are desperately looking for volunteers to help with tea and coffee. If you can help please let Selena know as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before we will show you the ropes!
7. Notices for next week: Please notify the Church office by Wednesday

Ewan and Mo Wilkinson in Uganda:

Lots of exciting developments.

You can follow them on ewan-mo.tumblr.com

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Upendo Orphans Support Project

Several years ago the women of the Kilifi Methodist Church in Kilifi, Kenya became concerned at the growing number of children begging on the streets of Kilifi – a phenomenon not previously known in this small Kenyan town on the coast of East Africa. They realised that more and more of the children were losing their parents due to AIDS, and although most were taken in by other family members, the poverty level here meant that the families just could not feed the extra mouths.

Today, 56 such children are being looked after by these women due to their extraordinary determination.

The project is run by a women’s group from Kilifi Methodist Church but supports children of all beliefs: it is essentially humanitarian in its work. Find out more about the woman behind it all, Grace Mzungu, and her supporters via the website.

A number of our members at Heswall URC supports the work of Upendo by monthly subscriptions.

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